Psalm of Lament

A song of the sisters of Rachel


How long O’ LORD

Will you leave my hand empty?

It hangs in the open air

No clasp of warmth does it know.


I ache in the echo of my desire;

I ache in the echo of silence.


My arms at my sides

Wither as dry leaves;

My lips crack and shut up tight.


No footstep is heard in my house.

And when I walk

I am sunburned.


The young men incline not their heads;

Even the old men look not at me.

Will you also turn your face

from me?


Mothers laugh at me behind their hands.

Yes the young women give me

an eye of scorn saying:

“Her vineyard has no keeper,

and no grapes will grow on her vines.”


You send no rain to silence them.

My cistern grows old;

In the dark it lies undiscovered,

In the dark the cracks widen;

For all my weeping I cannot fill it.


Yet You visited Hannah;

And though Sarah laughed-

You withheld not your hand from her.

Even to Ruth and to Tamar you sent

a latter rain.


I know You are a well for my soul.

Your waters answer my loneliness like a flood.

And your right hand will hold me,

Yes your right and left arms

Will embrace the heart of your maidservant

in the silence and in the dark.


Send unto me, O my God,

A wellspring and a stream.

For who shall sing to You when I am

in the earth,

But my seed who live on after me?

Who will rise up in the dark of morning

to praise You-

If my cistern is not opened

And no children grow up before you

as tender grapes?


Heed the cry of your maidservant,

In your loving-kindness, give unto me a man

He who has set his love upon You

One who knows your name.


He who chases after you as a rushing stream,

As the water that flees from the mountains.



Let this man take away

the reproach of your maidservant;

To dry up their wagging tongues,

To fill their eyes with my joy

And my delight in the love of my youth.


My house shall be a house of noise!

Yes with a great shout and a chorus

I will thank Him.


For Yahweh will add voices to my voice

In the morning and in the night

We will sing to Him.


We will declare the name

Of the most high God

With a sound like many waters.

many waters.jpg

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