Declarative Psalm

Draw near all you fragmented,
You shattered ones;
And hear what the living God has done.

I had blocked up my mirrors in loathing.
I witheld my voice from my companions;
I withdrew from the company of friends.
My own soul was a stranger to me,
and every emotion void.

Joy and hope were beyond my arm.
Yes, even sorrow and anger I could not touch.
Only my shame did not abandon me.

The taste of food hid itself;
Music became as clanging cymbals
and blunted brass.
I could not open my mouth to sing praises
in the house of God;
Yes even in my heart I had no voice.

I wore black all the day.
All the day I looked to my bed for escape.
Yet even sleep was no answer to my weariness.

I was as deadened silver,
cool and hard.
Until the Consuming Fire,
brought me into His blazing.
As an ironsmith draws the dross away,
He drew the fog from my head,
and the mists from my heart.

He struck me that the sparks of life,
With the mercy of His burnished coals,
Fear, anger, joy, and hope returned.

Draw near all you fragmented,
You shattered ones;
And see what the living God does
for all those who love Him.

The LORD is a master craftsman,
He shatters the sons of men,
He breaks the daughters of men,
And lines them with lead and inlaid silver.

As a window of stained glass,
He takes the broken and pieces them together
solid and whole.

His light shines through the faces
of His saints;
A testimony to the nations of the beauty
He makes in His people.

Now how sweet is bread in my mouth.
Every breath, yes even the soft winds
are music in my ears.

My black clothes He has put off me for
garments of purple and gold.

He opens the mirror before me and says:
“Behold, what a work I will do in this glass.
Fragile yet with a little silver will I bring you,
Dimly, now dimly, and yet one day
face to face.”

Draw near all you fragmented,
You shattered ones;
And feel the hands of the living God.
He who restores you to a new place;
And makes His light to shine through you.



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One thought on “Declarative Psalm

  1. “Fear, anger, joy, and hope returned…” Some days when I walk and pray to God I simply come to laughing because I can feel such a range of emotion which I had lost for so long. God is an abyss of goodness deeper and more powerful than any darkness we feel in ourselves, even if we forget for a time. God does not forget us. He brings me to laughter, and for those small moments I am eternally grateful. This poem is a keeper for me! Thanks, Sarah.


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