Michigan Eucharist (say when)

step off the concrete
torn grass and dirt clod tremble under foot
rock on your heels
like a kid on a swing
sip the free coffee (surprisingly tender)
and face the sun

heat fills
down the gullet
hot pouring into interior
exterior emblazons
the pores expand
greet the light

close your eyes beneath the sunglasses
a prayer closet
turn in to turn out
designed to block and bar
instead this tinted breather
pops the plastic lid
from the cup
dive from the curled wax paper edge
into deeper communion

consent blind man
total immersion
light permeates your lids like Irish creamer
heat on skin like the press of a palm
you are a paper cup lit up
held in two hand on this cold morning

Son salutation
tip the cup all the way back
the last drops cling inside then
lift the head
reach and feel the stretch
thank you thank you thank you

He pours out still more
and you pray to
never say “when”

sunset girl

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