If You Are Coming

4. How I would paint Loneliness

winter night drive

windows down

street lamp solid hue giving


the driver’s face

singing “Boys of Summer”

full facial engagement

lung capacity maximum

serenading the smudged windshield


the empty passenger seat


3. How I would paint Love

His hand sloping



the curve of her head

no dialogue

no soundtrack

air currents glancing of faces


in tandem


2. How I would paint Patience

pray and partake

the hothouse bakery’s finest

lemon tart

pinched crust crumbles like sand


you sweet tang

sweet tang

mouthful later you think

it should satisfy

it should


1. How I would paint Hope

time to redeem the time

in Dickinson’s stead I enact

a prayer:

open up each separate drawer

Draw out every ball of string

Drop them

Throw them across the room to

Bounce back unrolling

a tangled nest of tangerine,

midnight blue, corn yellow, mint green,


furl out the months!

Unravel all and revel

in ignorance of length

the author of a stronger faith

O’goblin bee where is your victory?

Singlehood, where is your sting?


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